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The most important thing in deciding how to combine finances is to be honest about your feelings from the start and always keep an open line of communication. Money is frequently considered to be the biggest strain on relationships, but working together to find solutions that work for everyone can reduce some of the stress.

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In school, you are given a lesson th. I'm a financial advisor, speaker, and author of the book "Making Money Simple. I help people make smart money decisions and achieve their goals. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Peter Lazaroff. In school, you are given a lesson th Read More. After several years of schooling and mentoring, God opened a door in Kilgore, TX. Efrain and Megan made the radical decision to quit their lucrative jobs, move halfway across the country with their little ones and serve God and His people in Texas.

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God has done amazing things at Crosspointe and many people have been saved and set free from the bondage of sin. Houston Strong! Prayer works! The Bible says Jesus will build His church but we have a part to play. Please join us and our team by praying for Conroe, Texas, and Merge Church. Marriage is joint living — the full sharing of lives. Checking with each other is the new norm.

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And the greater the clarity and with the confirmation of details — sometimes even written down for those with a shorter memory — the better chance to have a seamless merger. The following principles will guide you toward a healthy integration of both your lives and your schedules.

Be sure that your private and combined schedules have enough time to keep your marriage a priority. Find adequate time together before justifying more time alone. Use the Happy Camper Dating Guidelines to best assure ongoing relational closeness through reasonable fun time together.

Allow regular time to talk through the touch points of your schedules and activities. Divide responsibilities for chores, childcare and errands.

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When you are coming to an agreement on the times and activities that you will share, be sure to coordinate with clarity. Take an extra 30 seconds to repeat the decision so fewer assumptions and misunderstandings are left. Redeem the time; it is your most precious commodity. Be intentional. Each has a right to know the whereabouts, the associates and the activities of their spouse.

Make no commitments to outside people or activities without confirming first with your mate. Taking time to make joint decisions on couple or individual opportunities shows respect and equal voice in life. Very wise. When confirming your times of return to your spouse, give a window of expectation regarding your return — i. When confirming a time of meeting with your spouse, agree on a specific time and then do your best to show love by keeping to it.

Show respect. Common courtesy requires if you are going to be late, you let the person know.

2. Parenting Style

Your spouse should receive the greatest courtesy and not the greatest presumptions. We should willingly keep our mates updated since our love for them is greater.

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Be fair with your spouse if your plans change or you may be delayed or you have to cancel.