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O death, where is thy sting? What its signs of promise are. Trav'ler, lo! Come, children, come! O pilot!

We're homeward bound. Glory to God! We're home at last. There how charm'd the sense of hearing! There where vows are truly plighted! There where hearts are so united! He can all our sorrows heal. Page 77 75 OH! On the field of battle! On the field of battle. O glory!

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CHO--O glory! I love thee my God! My joys are immortal, I stand on the mount!

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My life and salvation, my joy and my rest! Thy name be my theme, and thy love be my song. Thy grace shall inspire both my heart and my tongue. Their sweetness who can tell? Page 87 O thou trembling morning star! O sweet rest, eternal there!

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Meet ne'er to sever? Will you go to that beautiful land? Page 96 92 HARK! In the highest sing! To our God and King!

“The Lord roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem”

Peace to earth again! And good will to men! Happy greeting to all! Happy greeting, happy greeting, happy greeting to all! O train them for the sky! Page Closing Exercises. How sweet the gospel's charming sound! No more to roam. I spoke to them, but they did not listen; I called to them, but they did not answer. Surely, then, his heart must have been heavy as he uttered these words about his beloved city of Jerusalem.

The blessing for Amos was that he did not live long enough to see the desecration of this blessed city. It was not attacked until many years later—in B. We see a patient God but not an ever-patient God. We see a God who has desired through the prophets to warn the nations, not only in ancient times but through all history. He warns all peoples that they will pay for their sins and transgressions. We see a God whose love is shown through His warnings and patience, but we also see the judgment of this God based of the transgressions of the people and His need for justice. And so there is an indictment of Judah, there is a warning, there is no response from Judah and there is judgment.

The People Make a Covenant with the LORD

He did not need to delineate it because their behavior betrayed their failures to live up to the Law of their Lord, they were just as guilty as the people of the southern kingdom. It was totally different for the poor.

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The judges were willing to sell a poor man into slavery—even though his debt might have been as small as the cost of a cheap pair of sandals—because the creditor paid the judge a part of the money he received from the sale. The rich and clever in Israel treated the poor like dirt and denied them justice because they were not wealthy enough to bribe the judges 2 v. Amos indicts Israel for the oppression of the poor.

The time in which Amos lived was a time of peace and prosperity for Israel. At least it was a time of prosperity in that the rich people became richer, but they became more selfish and heartless too. Originally in Israel each tribe had its own land, and each family its portion of that land, but then the rich got into their hands more and more of the land of those who were poor became poorer.

They even caused many of the poor to become their slaves. Poor people might owe a debt of no greater value than a pair of shoes, and they had to be sold as slaves to pay it see also and 2 Kings 4: 1. They only cared to get more money for themselves. They oppressed the poor, taking away both their land and their liberty. The word of Amos was that they must answer to God for it. The Bible is very clear that sex is a beautiful and lovely gift of God, but it is also very clear that sexual intercourse, in its wonder and beauty, should be between one man and one woman in marriage.

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Sexual intercourse is the expression of love and the sign of unity between those pledged for life each to the other, and who establish a home in which children can be conceived and born and brought up. Israeli is then condemned for the perversion of justice. Moreover, there were laws from early days in the life of Israel which not only upheld the right of the poor, but which forbade the rich to cause suffering to the poor. That was all that he had to keep himself warm see Job and Then the magistrates fined men in the courts and took this public money and used it for their own feasting and living in luxury.

Worthy (Rv 5) / Believer --- Evening Light Tabernacle

They neither worshiped Him from their hearts, nor did they want to obey Him. They despised His law. They oppressed the poor. They corrupted the justice that God commanded should be given to small and great alike. In verses 13—16 of Chapter 2 Amos gives a very vivid description of the punishment which will come upon disobedient Israel. There will be no escape for the swift runners, the strong, the warriors, the archers, the fleet-footed soldiers, the horsemen or the bravest warriors. In fact, that day did arrive, and Israel was taken away by the Assyrians, never to be heard of again.

With every warning of coming judgment, however, there is always a call to repentance, whether specifically spoken of or implied. They did not want to be challenged or shaken out of their comfortable lifestyle. The Lord had called Amos to speak to these people so that they would turn back to Him and repent, yet he seems not to have made very much of an impression on them. Most of these proud people would fail to turn away from their sins and look once again to their God.

Chapter 6 addresses this very complacency and pride of Israel. God had sent the prophet Amos to shake them out of their complacency. These were a proud people and a self-assured people who reveled in their prosperity. In Chapter 8 we see the reactions of the people. We would expect the realty of such words would bring horror to the people, but instead there was only impatience—particularly from the rich people the merchants whose only desire was to continue growing richer.

Instead of enjoying the religious feasts which had been given for the benefit of everyone, these merchants could hardly wait for them to be over so that they could get back to selling grain.