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Call To Arms - The Rys Chronicles epic fantasy

The river crossing would be dangerous. The loss of some men and horses could be expected, but the overwhelming numbers of the Atrophane Horde would prevail. Dreibrand Veta was glad to lead the first wave of soldiers across the water even though officers of his rank did not usually put themselves at the forefront of battle. But Dreibrand differed from the other lieutenants of the Lord General Kwan. He needed to try harder. Nothing less than his exploits and bravery would counteract the disgrace that burdened the Veta name. The breath of horses and men steamed in the predawn chill of the spring night.

The water would be cold, but Dreibrand knew he would soon have the heat of battle to keep him warm.

Union of Renegades : The Rys Chronicles Book I

He could feel the nervous agitation around him. Although Atrophane soldiers had complete confidence in their abilities, each man knew he would be vulnerable while in the middle of the river. Forums The Watty Awards.

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